If you absolutely have to know how the Amazing Race Canada Media Challenge went Tuesday, check out the video above. My always thinking reality show expert teammate Murtz Jaffer had us followed all day by his camera pal “Ash.” The results aren’t pretty, and please, for the love of God, do not watch all 26-plus minutes. It seems longer than an entire season of The Bachelor and is just as painful and depressing.

Murtz managed to corral some of his TAR pals into adding video shout outs. Would that they could have competed for us.

Anyway, Murtz seems quite pleased by his dastardly ploy (read his take at Inside Pulse) that kept us out of last place. For me, after this humiliation, I am retiring from competition. I look like I should only enter The Amazing Race for the Refrigerator. Apologies to all of French Canada.

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