Corner Gas man Fred Ewanuick keeps on Dino-truckin’

dinotruxIt’s always a delight catching up with Fred Ewanuick. The Port Moody, B.C. native lent his easy-going charm to Corner Gas for six seasons as town goofball Hank Yawbo. When I visited him on the set of the Corner Gas movie last summer near Regina, he let me drive Hank’s truck, which was cool.

Ewanuick starred in his own series for a couple of seasons, CTV’s Dan for Mayor. Now he’s landed a gig where he doesn’t have to shave or get up early or even wear pants: voicing Click-Clack, a reptool, on Dinotrux. The animated children’s series launches Friday on Netflix.

635392979522830000Don’t get me wrong: Ewanuick has every intention of wearing pants as he records his voice for Dinotrux. He thinks those guys who get the really big bucks for voicing The Simpsons should wear pants, too. “They can afford pants!” he points out.

Fred is pretty pumped about playing a character that is half-reptile, half-power tool. The whole dinosaur-trucks mashup thing works for him too.

“It’s like somebody my age used to play with dinosaurs and used to play with trucks and then, ‘HEY! WHOA! WHOA! WAIT A MINUTE!'”

Fred is 44 but has held onto his inner six-year-old, no doubt why the producers at DreamWorks found him to be perfect for this series.

Read more about Ewanuick and Dinotrux here at this story I wrote for The Canadian Press.

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