???????????????????????????????Pardon me for sounding like an old coot, but Fox seemed to err this week with their cheeky promotional send-out to North American TV critics. The network has always been aggressive generous when it comes to the showy little tchotchkes they ship north along with DVD screeners (in spite of the fact that the switch to digital links is rendering DVDs obsolete). The screener for the fall comedy Grandfathered–starring John Stamos as a swinging restaurant owner who discovers he has a kid who has a kid–came with a large T-shirt (a flattering PR move since XL is standard issue critic wear).

The dark charcoal coloured shirt has four letters on it: GILF. If you don’t know what that stands for, think MILF and then the name of the series. If you don’t know what MILF stands for, GET OFF THE INTERNET NOW WHILE YOU ARE STILL IN A PURE STATE.

Anyway, a friend and fellow critic based in the States got the same shirt from Fox, put it on and went to meet his grown son for lunch. Junior was horrified and, before stepping intro said bistro, asked dad if he knew what GILF meant. The gentleman in question, now fully up to speed, immediately turned his shirt inside out. The same thing will now likely happen with his Grandfathered review.

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