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wrcodlDavid S. Goyer admits things get all Game of Thrones this year on Da Vinci’s Demons. The third and final season of the historical fantasy series began Saturday on Super Channel and Starz. That episode can be streamed now in Canada on Super Channel on demand.

I spoke with Goyer–best known as the writer behind such Comic-Con fare as the Blade films, Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and the Superman movie reboot “Man of Steel”–this past summer in Toronto. He’s also written the story for the highly anticipated DC Comics feature “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and has two Justice League features in the works.

Goyer was asked by BBC Worldwide to put a “Batman Begins” spin to Leonardo Da Vinci. The Renaissance icon, as played by UK actor Tom Riley, is no Old World Master. He looks more like Justin Trudeau on ‘roids.

Season 3 opens with the invasion of the Ottoman Empire. “There are more visual effects in first two episodes than there were in the whole last season,” says Goyer. “Lots of battles, lots of mayhem.”

The writer says even Game of Thrones left a lot of the big battle scenes off-screen in Season 1. “We did the same thing for a couple of seasons but, naw, we can’t do that anymore,” he says. Historical/fantasy fans are a blood-thirsty lot.

As for all the superheroes leaping and bounding all over screens big and small these days, even Goyer is beginning to think it has reached critical mass. In 2017, he says, 12 super hero themed major motion pictures are scheduled to be released. “That will be the test to see whether or not it’s possible to have too many super heroes,” he says.

Even Goyer’s kids know there’s only one real Batman

Goyer and his wife Marina, who accompanied him to Toronto, have young children. She let it be known they’re not allowed to watch dad’s more violent super hero flicks, especially 2008’s “The Dark Knight.”

“I showed my sons the ’66 Batman show and the movie and they loved it,” he says of the campy Adam West original. “They can hold two different Batman’s in their heads at the same time.”

Read more about what Goyer has to say about Da Vinci’s Demons and today’s TV trends in general at this feature I wrote for The Canadian Press.

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