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Some old fool with a guitar seems really lost next to Shane Harte and Alex Zaichkowski on the set of Family channel’s Lost & Found

Everybody knows programming to tweens is the biggest crap shoot in television. Core TV viewers tend to be much older. The median age of the average NCIS viewer on CBS, for example, is north of 60. Even The Big Bang Theory has a median age viewer who is 50 years old.

Viewers 12-24 are far more fickle, more into social media or the latest ap than anything on that box their parents watch.

The folks at Temple Street Productions in Toronto, however, are undaunted. They scored a hit a few years ago with the tween dance drama The Next Step. Friday, they preview their latest effort, Lost & Found. The series, about a bunch of high school-age kids trying to crack into the music business, returns in the new year for a 26-episode season one run.

I was invited to the set several months ago in Toronto and met many of the keeners playing the young music wannabes. Not sure if it is the American Idol influence or not but it seems there is no shortage of young performers ready to form the next superband or be the next Adele.

Read more about my visit to the set of Lost & Found here at this feature I wrote for The Canadian Press.


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