Grease has always given Carly Rae Jepsen chills

Grease Live! premieres Sunday night on Fox and CTV. The 1978 feature was a big hit in theatres and an even bigger hit in record stores. Olivia Newton John and John Travolta starred as All-American high school summer lovers Sandy and Danny. Travolta gives the new TV production of Grease his blessing. (Read more here in… Read on

Rewind: 1960s Batman doesn’t pack the same Pow!

How batty was I over Batman? Fifty years ago, when it first premiered on ABC, pretty batty. So when The Toronto Star started running reviews on old TV shows as part of their “Rewind” series of “first pop culture loves,” I called dibs on the bat-beat. See how I rated the show back when I… Read on

Look, up on the schedule! It’s Superstore

Superstore is a new comedy airing Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.  It’s uncool on purpose, one of those bench player sitcoms you kinda know networks throw on in the winter while they’re developing something better. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth a look or that it might not even be somebody’s favourite… Read on

This week’s podcast: Trump, Vigoda and the CRTC

Scott Thompson at CHML’s AM900 started things off Wednesday with a timely news angle: Donald Trump ditching Fox News’ coverage of the Republican presidential candidates debate. The Donald does not like Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and won’t participate if she’s on the debate coverage. Evidently, he’s not the only one not in Kelly’s corner. Scott… Read on

Abe Vigoda: 1921 – 2016

Back when he was on NBC, Conan O’Brien would invite Abe Vigoda on Late Night just to prove that the former Barney Miller star was still alive. On Tuesday night’s Conan, the host paid tribute to the actor, who finally passed away–after all those premature rumours–at the age of 94. The above clip shows several… Read on

Ninety years ago: Baird demonstrates the first TV

Television, it seems has many fathers. One of them is John Baird, showcased in Tuesday’s Google Doodle. Ninety years ago Tuesday, Baird gave the first public demonstration of his invention: the first mechanical television. It was to regular television what Donald Trump is to presidential candidates: crude, sketchy, loud, often unintelligible. Still, back in 1926, Baird transmitted… Read on

Lucifer, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do

Lucifer premieres Monday night on Fox and CTV (9 p.m. ET/PT). The devil you say? Well, yes, sort of. Charming Welshman Tom Ellis plays Lucifer, aka Satan, The Devil, The Donald, all those other names. Based on the DC comic books, the series is shot in Vancouver, or Hell if you are trying to break into… Read on

This week’s podcast(s): TCA recap; CHCH kneecap

I spoke twice with CHML’s Scott Thompson this week. I did another CHML AM900 radio chat with Scott Bradley on Tuesday. This is more often than I generally speak with family members. Thompson started his first call chatting about Justin Trudeau and selfies and what did I think about that. I mention how, on the… Read on