Rewind: 1960s Batman doesn’t pack the same Pow!

1149277_10151844991238410_1198990259_oHow batty was I over Batman? Fifty years ago, when it first premiered on ABC, pretty batty.

So when The Toronto Star started running reviews on old TV shows as part of their “Rewind” series of “first pop culture loves,” I called dibs on the bat-beat. See how I rated the show back when I was eight and how I would rank it today  here at the column I wrote which appeared in Saturday’s Toronto Star.

One thing I would add, however. My adult rating jumps back up to four stars for any Julie Newmar episodes. Plus that giant (and pricey) Batman Complete Box Set DVD Warners finally put out last year is loaded with more extras than any other box set of any other TV series I can think of.

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