Lucas adds Canadian content as Gotham returns

I’m always curious as to how actors and actresses got their starts–in Jessica Lucas’ case, how they get from Vancouver to Gotham. Lucas joined the DC Comics drama this season as athletic marksman Tabitha Galavan. The series returns Monday night on CTV and Fox after a three month hiatus. “When I was a kid I was into… Read on

Rock stones Oscars followed by three long hours

Had to fly to St. John’s, Nfld., dark and early with the Oscars still in my head. On location today, so here is my quick two cents on the annual Hollywood statue fest: I loved Chris Rock’s opener. No song, no dance, no opening clip montage, just straight ahead Rock in concert, finding the nerve… Read on

Empire: too red, white and black for Canada?

Usually the Canadian Top-30 pretty much mirrors the American Top-30 when it comes to weekly TV ratings. There are, occasionally, significant differences. Take Empire. Fox’s hip hop prime time soap took off like a rocket in America last season. Through the end of the 2014-15 season, it was the No. 1 U.S. network series on television,… Read on

The Simpsons trump America’s cartoon campaign

Ronald Reagan was president when The Simpsons began popping up as part of The Tracey Ulman Show. Over nearly 30 years on television, Homer and Marge and the kids have seen five presidents come and go. It seems fitting, therefore, that they weigh in on the current U.S. election campaign–before it completely lurches beyond parody.

Get in the Spirit with this weekend’s best awards show

Every year, there’s one award show that cuts through all the usual boring back-slapping and industry naval-gazing and actually provides viewers with real laughs and entertainment. This weekend, it’s back. No, not The Oscars, please–we’re talking the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards Sure, it’s got the most awkward title but the Spirit Awards always has the… Read on

This week’s podcast: don’t ask about skinny basic

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson asks about the “Cable Killer Box.” I joke it sounds like a new AMC series, but it is another one of those “get all the TV you want for free” deals. This one is being sold in the States and allows viewers to watch tons of TV content by streaming… Read on

All you need is Netflix to find Love

Starting Friday you can get Love from Netflix. No, not that kind of love, you beast. Love, a new comedy from comedy kingpin Judd Apatow and sketch comedian Paul Rust. The series stars Rust along with Gillian Jacobs from Community as mis-matched lovebirds Gus and Mickey. Jacobs is fearless in the role and plays Mickey as more of… Read on

This week’s podcast: these Grammys don’t sing

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson asks if I enjoyed The Grammys. Not really, although I only watched a little here and there of it. I was put off by how the whole deal has become one giant CBS promotional opportunity. You had Colbert setting up the Broadway number, Corden sharing the stage for another intro, Gary Sinise… Read on