Pure white Yeezy easily creates hundreds of millions of sales

Grandpa finally released a big move this month! Pure yeezy boost 350 v2 uk “Triple White” is on sale again, I believe everyone has felt it, what is called “the largest volume of Yeezy in history”!

This small white shoes with a price of ¥1899 RMB not only landed at 0:00 on September 21st, but also sold through adidas Tmall flagship store.

The link to the Tmall store has now been removed, showing a total of 49,301 yeezy boost 350 v2 uk  pairs sold, with sales of 1899 * 49301 = 9362W RMB, close to one billion!

And this one hundred million “small target” took almost less than an hour to complete, and Yeezy’s appeal is really terrifying!

This one hundred million plus official website and offline stores, adidas sales in the same day in China has been several hundred million, both in terms of scale and speed, has definitely created a new record in the history of shoes.

At present, adidas.com.cn is still selling in China’s official website, but the female size is sold out, and the male compatriots have the opportunity to start.


However, the cheap yeezys shoe type is too small, remember to buy at least half a yard, such as Xiaobian daily wear 42.5, these shoes have to wear 43, which is UK9.


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