June 2018

Natalie Dormer (in red dress) and the young Australian leads in Picnic at Hanging Rock FX president John Landgraf was embarrassed to learn a few years ago that the shows on his network had very few female directors. He took steps to correct that, mandating his producers embrace a 50/50 gender policy. Others, including the
Co-hosts Daniel Levy and Julia Chan greet Great Canadian Eater Mmmmm... great Canadian baking. I followed my nose to the Canadian Film Centre campus in uptown Toronto Tuesday morning as The Great Canadian Baking Show was shooting the final two episodes of its second season. The series returns Sept. 19 on CBC. Did reporters get
When the news broke this week that, after 27 years, The Jerry Springer Show was being cancelled, my reaction -- like a lot of people I suspect -- was, "Is that still on?" Back when I wrote for The Toronto Sun, I remember arriving for an interview with Springer 15 years or so ago when he
A fake Sean Connery stands next to the real Aston Martin DB 5 used in the classic Bond flick "Goldfinger" LONDON -- I'm in The UK for a few days to interview the stars and producers of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, a series based on the best selling novels and subsequent feature films. Partially shot
Me and the boss I know Randy Lennox reads this blog. He told me so himself during Bell's annual breakfast with the executives during last Thursday's upfront in Toronto. The Bell Media president told me, in fact, that he was nearly run over as he was crossing the street while reading my take on the
Cedric the Entertainer (left); Brioux the Whinger Time to give some credit where credit is due. Last year's Corus upfront, I whinged here, seemed a tad awkward. There were super short interview opportunities and a great gulf, in the the group I was in at least, between the talent and the reporters. This Wednesday, things
Howie Mandel (left) has gone from being the big act at Yuk Yuks to the top of the Hollywood heap. The other guy did one show at Yuk Yuks (with Pat Bullock) before turning to typing for a living Rogers brought the stars out for their 2018 Upfront Tuesday and treated them to a true