October 2018

Two weeks ago in Cannes I had the pleasure of catching up with Lauren Lee Smith, star of the CBC historical drama Frankie Drake Mysteries.  She even sat for a breezy, two-and-a-half minute video chat (above). The Vancouver native was in the south of France to promote international sales of Frankie at MIPCOM. The CBC
James Karen is one of those actors whose face you recognize even of you don't know his name. If "Actor whose name I don't know" was something you could look up, Karen's face and name would likely be on the other end of a search. He played a lot of nameless guys, including Larry's silver-haired
Further proof that the Canadian television gravy train has stopped running: Corus announced Wednesday morning that COO and EVP Barbara Williams is retiring. This announcement comes on the heels of the departure of another top-ranking Canadian private network official: Sportsnet President Scott Moore. Williams enjoyed a long and profitable run as the chief show fetcher
Just closed your cottage and miss it already? As snow reports start to sneak into weather forecasts across Canada, Cottage Life offers some programming to tide you over until next spring: a look at some Great Canadian Cottages. The new eight-part series features Scottish design experts Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, better known to fans
Stiller (left) with moderator Cynthia Littleton. Photo: S. Champeaux - Image & Co CANNES -- It has been years since I last interviewed Ben Stiller -- 29 to be exact. That occasion was the TCA press launch of the short-lived, Emmy-winning The Ben Stiller Show. The sketch series aired from 1989 to 1990 on Fox
Oliver (left with moderator Michael Idato) sits before a photo from his early TV years. Photo: Yann Coatsaliou - 360 Medias CANNES — MIPCOM, the international television marketplace taking place this week in France, is a bit like a giant food court for TV. There's a lot of junk food, some of the fare is