Why Leno Keeps On Winning

Great article by Bill Carter in The New York Times on indomitable Jay Leno. As Carter points out, the late show host critics love to dismiss is as dominant as ever in the ratings a month after he and David Letterman returned to the air–Letterman with his writers, Leno without. How has he done it?… Read on

Leno, Kimmel Connect in Late Night Summit

More evidence that The Tonight Show is having a hard time booking guests during this writers strike: last night’s opening guests were a Priest, a Rabbi and a Minister. Good thing Jimmy Kimmel was Jay Leno‘s next guest. The Jay/Jimmy love-in last night wasn’t the vent-a-palooza I was hoping for last night but it was… Read on

Leno Talks Way to Opening Night Win

Nikki Finke, who has been all over the strike story at her dishy blog Deadline Hollywood Daily, was first to post the Nielsen overnights from Wednesdays talk show returns. They show U.S. audiences did flock back to late night leader Jay Leno first to see how he would fare without his writers: Says Finke, “early… Read on

Letterman By a Whisker

UPDATED: See comments about Jimmy Kimmel, below. After all the fuss about the return to the late shift last night, I have to admit the whole deal was pretty anti climactic for me last night. When David Letterman’s ratty beard gets all the hype and attention the next day, you start to wonder exactly what… Read on

All the Talk’s About Talk Tonight

There’s only one topic tonight: the long-awaited return of the late night talk shows. Everybody wants to blab about it, including my old pal Scott Thompson at Hamilton’s Talk Radio station CHML. Mr TV Feeds My Family morphed into Mr. Radio Feeds My Family today as CBC radio stations from across Canada checked in, including… Read on

“Pioneers” Bring Us Back to Late Night

Tonight, while you’re waiting for Dave, Jay, Jimmy, Conan and Craig to finally return to late night, flip on over to PBS at 8 p.m. for a blast of classic TV. Pioneers of Television (PBS, 8 p.m.) is a continuation on a series which premiered a couple of seasons ago. Tonight, classic sitcoms are celebrated,… Read on

Late Night Unscripted: Still Good For A Laugh?

What is Jon Stewart supposed to do on The Daily Show when it returns without writers Jan. 7–just mug for half an hour? Some might say he does that now. But, seriously, it is a half hour satire of daily news events. Is he just going to sit there, read the paper and make faces?… Read on

Dave back in January? Hair’s Hoping

So, whaddaya think David Letterman and Paul Shaffer have been doing while this writers strike has been going on–just sitting around growing beards? Well, yes, actually. Bushy Dave was snapped earlier this week leaving a Christmas dinner he hosted in New York for suspended staffers. Shaffer showed his white whiskers on the picket line last… Read on