Getting “Unplugged” with Hebscher and West

I traveled deep down into darkest Etobicoke Monday to guest on a podcast at the famed Humble & Fred studios. I was not, however, yakking with Humble & Fred, but Mark Hebscher and Liz West. The former ‘CH stars have taken their Square Off shtick to the Internet with the launch of their new podcast show,… Read on

This week’s podcast: more on Shandling

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson caught me on a car driving west-bound on the Gardiner Expressway past downtown Toronto. I’m on a speaker phone, and believe it or not, the sound sound’s better! I do a traffic report, of course. Then we talk about the death of the great Larry Sanders and why everybody who… Read on

This week’s podcast: Ford, fame and tempus fugit

This week’s podcast starts on a somber note. CHML’s Scott Thompson was taking calls from listeners regarding terrorist attacks in Europe, specifically, the airport murders earlier this week at the Brussels’ airport. I was at that airport last fall, stuck there overnight in fact as I changed planes between Cannes and back home in Toronto.… Read on

This week’s podcast: skinny basic brouhaha

This week CHML’s Scott Thompson suggests people are mad as hell about this “Skinny Basic” subterfuge. Get a digital antenna, I suggest again. It’s a low, one-time cost and zero-a-month for more channels than is being offered on the skinny basic cable/satellite provider plans. Are people, however, really surprised by the basic bait and switch? Seems… Read on

New podcast: Steven and Bill talk TV with Pee-wee premiere

I’ve known Steven Kerzner since before he put a Sock in it. Way, way back when community cable was the closest thing to YouTube, I was involved with my buddy Pat Bullock in a little deal called Etobichannel. It was a spoof of what was then the emergence of Canadian cable channels. As I’ve said… Read on

This week’s podcast: more memories of George Martin

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to know about the time I attended a press conference with Sir George Martin. The Beatles’ celebrated record producer passed away earlier this week, triggering memories of a somewhat prickly 2008 PBS press tour session. The man had to know “Beatles producer” would be on his tombstone, but he was all Fabbed… Read on

This week’s podcast: fat lies and skinny basic

This whole “skinny basic” cable kerfuffle is radio gold to my pal Scott Thompson at AM900 CHML. He could hardly wait to dive into it on this week’s radio chat. Scott asks if the cable/satellite providers aren’t missing an opportunity by keeping this offer–a skinny basic tier of programming for 25 bucks–as far under the radar… Read on

This week’s podcast: don’t ask about skinny basic

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson asks about the “Cable Killer Box.” I joke it sounds like a new AMC series, but it is another one of those “get all the TV you want for free” deals. This one is being sold in the States and allows viewers to watch tons of TV content by streaming… Read on