Crosby and Co. Score in US Cup Ratings

Yes, we still do numbers. The CBC is going to miss the Stanley Cup finals and so, incredibly, will NBC. The Peacock network drew 7.51 million for Friday’s seventh and deciding game, with over 9 million tuning into see Sidney Crosby and the Pens hoist the cup. Here are the dying seconds:That is the biggest… Read on

Glee Ratings, Dish Talk on Radio Report

Should you yank out the cable and go with satellite? Scott Thompson‘s parents did and boy were they steamed afterwards. Check out why on this week’s TV Talk radio segment with CHML’s Thompson, you can listen in here.We also talk about Jon & Kate Plus 8 (can these people please stop procreating?), upfront week in… Read on

Ratings: Rick Mercer Gets High With Hazel

Hurricane Hazel McCallion helped storm the Rick Mercer Report to a seasonal high, scoring 1,289,000 viewers last night. The 88-year-old Mississauga mayor was the latest Canadian icon to goose Mercer’s numbers, with both Nancy Green (1,262,000 in January) and Don Cherry (1,169,000 in November) also driving the weekly CBC comedy series to new heights.Getting a… Read on

Corner Gas Ratings–Fill ‘er Up

Many years ago, the late, great NBC programming chief Brandon Tartikoff was quoted as saying that the weekly TV ratings numbers had become “the box score of the ‘90s.” That’s even more true this century as BBM Canada and Nielsen Media Research numbers are as parsed and dissected online and in print as Matt Sundin`s… Read on

Weekly Ratings in Jeopardy

Answer: What is Jeopardy?Question: What CBC show crashed through the one million viewer mark twice last week? The supper time quiz show drew 1,025,000 viewers Monday and 1,044,000 Wednesday the week of Nov. 3-9 according to BBM NMR overnight data.Here’s how some other CBC series did last week: Hockey Night in Canada, featuring a battle… Read on

Higher, Faster, Stronger Ratings–For Now

Are we all watching the Olympics? Certainly in the U.S. that is all anyone is watching. There have been several reports on this, but Bill Carter, as usual, nailed it early with this piece in the New York Times, A Surprise Winner at the Olympic Games in Beijing: NBC: The Games have drawn an average… Read on

No Ratings For Old Men

There may be blood after preliminary ratings for last night’s Academy Awards suggest that it was by far the lowest-rated Oscarcast ever. According to Nielsen Media Research, the overnights show a 14% drop below the previous worst ever performance by an Oscar, in 2003. Worse, it was down 24% year-to-year in the 18-49-year-old demo. Sunday’s… Read on

Revamped KITT Wins Ratings Race

NBC’s corny car opera, Knight Rider, drove off with 12.70 million viewers Sunday. In this day of depressed ratings, that’s a hit! It won its timeslot and attracted probably enough viewers to move forward with a series order. Welcome to the desperate new world of network television. This is the remake which featured Toronto’s Will… Read on