Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romijn are King & MaxwellYou'll want to catch Tuesday's Canadian premiere of King & Maxwell from the very beginning (10 p.m. on Showcase). There's a stunt involving a runaway bus that took place on the streets of Toronto that has to be seen to be believed."It's supposed to be D.C. but
Robin Thicke looks on as Miley Cyrus destroys an entire inventory ofDisney Channel content at Sunday's 2013 MTV Video Music AwardsDID YOU SEE IT?? That shocking, shocking display Sunday night on MuchMusic's broadcast of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards??No, not Miley Cyrus in her undies. PUH-lease.I'm talking about the countless promotional spots for all
Hey, anybody remember hockey? The fastest game on earth? Little round disc, guy with loud jackets?Seems if the players aren't wearing blue and white sweaters with little leaves on them, a lot of us just don't care. The ratings for the second round of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs have been astonishingly low.How low? A
Because it gives away the "who," Motive was sold as a "how-dunit" rather than a whodunit.Now that it has been renewed for a second season, it's an it-dunit.The season finale airs Thursday night at 10/9c on CTV.The Vancouver-based drama launched Feb. 3 (directly after CTV's power-out delayed Super Bowl coverage), opening to 1,354,000 total viewers (Live+7).
Alex O'Loughlin jumps to Fridays next season on Hawaii FIVE-0This is the week Canada's private network programming executives play shop till you drop.Together, they'll drop between $600- to $800 million picking up American network programming for their 2013-14 schedules.It all happens over a few jam-packed days spent in Los Angeles screening rooms and hotels. I
Montreal Gazzette great Terry "Aislin" MosherMonday's overnight, estimated audience for CBC's coverage of the Leafs' Game Seven heart breaker drew a staggering 5,155,000 viewers. That tops the 4.5M+ who tuned in for Sunday's Leafs victory over Boston in Game Six and is likely the highest total ever for an opening round playoff tilt.CBC drew just
This week through May 2 in Gatineau, Que., the CRTC is hearing from a steady stream of hucksters folks looking to get mandatory carriage for their TV stations. If you are a shut in or, worse, a TV critic, you can watch it all unfold on CPAC--provided you have a strong stomach.Mandatory carriage means a