“I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I have hip friends in LA and New York who like The Mindy Project.” So says James Franco, who guest stars on the second-year comedy as it returns to Fox and City Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m. ET.  Franco plays a rival MD brought in to replace

The headless critic It’s that time of year again at the TV Feeds My Family house–time for all the packages of promotional items from the networks to pile up at my door.Every day brings more trucks to Brampton, delivering all manner of ballyhoo.One of the most memorable arrived last week–a Headless Horseman zip-up costume hoodie

What happened to Sundays? Zombies stole our shows!Instead of juicy network dramas like Desperate Housewives, the night is now mostly comprised of reality shows and cartoons. The Amazing Race is still dominant at 8 on CTV, and The Simpsons still draws in the demos on Global after nearly a quarter of a century, but it

Fridays–where TV shows go to die. That’s been the conventional network wisdom the past decade or so, except at CBS, which has done all right with shows like Blue Bloods. CBS, however, has screwed up Global’s bottom line this season by relocating two shows that do well in Canada–Hawaii Five-0 (right) and Elementary–and bouncing them to

Hump day seems up for grabs this coming season. After 13 years, Survivor is starting to show its age in Canada, leaving room open for others to finally knock it off the island.For CBC, this may help sustain its No. 1 show, Dragon’s Den, as well as re-launch at 9 an-extended season of Republic of

If this is Tuesday, it must be time to get a PVR. This is one of TV’s biggest battlegrounds, and things are heating up this fall with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. entering the fray.Can the comic book B-Team behind the superheroes from The Avengers take down the mighty agents of NCIS? This battle of the

Thanks to PVRs, on-demand, DVDs, cable, Netflixetc., viewers are no longer network hostages There’s nothing like a little eye surgery to change one’s approach to these Fall Preview TV roundups. Wasting my vision on the next Animal Practice or 666 Park Avenue is to be avoided at all costs.So this 2013-14 Fall Television Preview is going to cut to

Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romijn are King & Maxwell You’ll want to catch Tuesday’s Canadian premiere of King & Maxwell from the very beginning (10 p.m. on Showcase). There’s a stunt involving a runaway bus that took place on the streets of Toronto that has to be seen to be believed.“It’s supposed to be D.C.