Throwing conventional network TV into The Grinder

A lot of shows this fall seemed designed to cut through the “too much TV” clutter by offering a connection or two to the past. They’re built around familiar stars (Don Johnson from Blood & Oil, John Stamos from Grandfathered, The Muppets), familiar concepts (Heroes Reborn, Fuller House, The Muppets), familiar movie titles (Minority Report, Limitless,… Read on

Fall Preview: Toronto stars in Minority Report

Goodbye, reruns and summer shows. Hello new network cannon fodder. The fall TV season officially begins tonight and there are big budget new American shows plus new episodes of returning favourites. Among the prime time offerings: At 8 p.m., Gotham returns for a second bat-season, opposite the opener for The Voice as well as a… Read on

Video: my Canada AM review of Sunday’s Emmy Awards

The folks at Canada AM invited me back Monday to review the 67th Annual Emmy Awards. Weather anchor Jeff Hutcheson joked that if this keeps up I might soon get a parking spot. They wanted my take on Sunday’s 67th Annual Emmy Awards. CTV News Channel’s Todd Van der Heyden asked what, for me, was the biggest… Read on

Samberg in control in smooth Emmy showcase

  In a shocker, Ricky Gervais cleaned up at the 67th Annual Emmy Awards Sunday Night. Yes he did. The proof is right on the right–there he is with one of his 14 Emmy statuettes. Well deserved, mate. Actually, no he didn’t. He just grabbed one award and waved it around so people would blog that… Read on

Fall Preview 2015: step into the way back machine

Is it possible to be bored with a Fall TV season before it even starts? That seems to be the case with many critics this September after suffering through a largely lame, unadventurous pack of pilots. Talk about seen-it-before: Don Johnson, John Stamos, Rob Lowe, The Muppets and Heroes? I feel as if I’ve covered… Read on

Crying U.N.C.L.E. at the movies

David Bianculli and the gang over at TV Worth Watching told me to go see a movie. The catch was they wanted a review right away. The movie? A TV series makeover, of course–“The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” I guess Bianculli knew I had a Johnny 7 spy gun when I was a kid. The original Man… Read on

Video: CHCH Morning Live gets my take on seven for fall

My buddy Bob Cowan had me on CHCH Morning Live Monday to chat up the 2015-16 season. That was the idea, anyway, but we spent a lot of time trashing ABC’s revival of The Muppets. So be warned–we come off like those two old coots who used to heckle The Muppet Show from the balcony–Stadler… Read on

Buckley and Gore were “The Best of Enemies”

Looking for something smart on TV this weekend? Try your local movie theatre. “Best of Enemies” opens in selected cinemas—including Toronto’s TIFF Bell Lightbox—this Friday, July 31. The documentary, from filmmakers Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon (“Respect Yourself: The Staxx Records Story”), looks at a fascinating footnote to the explosive year 1968. William F. Buckley… Read on