This Week’s Podcast: Blades’ smashing finale

In case you missed Monday night’s Battle of the Blades finale, as CHML’s Scott Thompson did, here’s the end credit clip showing winning Russian pair Valerie Bure and Ekaterina Gordeeva bobbling the crystal trophy. Ker-smash!On Sunday night’s show, co-host Kurt Browning accidentally kicked in a camera, so Battle of the Blades is ending just in time… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: from Conan to Ka-boom

This week with CHML’s Scott Thompson we discuss Conan O’Brien (Scott feels his new TBS series is getting better and better), this U.S. cable net reality show contest to find new Glee students (to be added during the third season) and the screwy Gemini Awards broadcast. Just to recap, The Tudors, which stars an Irish actor and is… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: a real fix for late night

This week, Scott Thompson at CHML wondered if all this fuss about the return of Conan O’Brien was worth the trouble. Some commentators this week have been suggesting that the old late night formula is tired and irrelevant and O’Brien needs to move on to something new. (Even the Christian Science Monitor has weighed in,… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: bye-bye world tour B list

Scott Thompson at Hamilton Talk Radio CHML has many questions this week about my October travels to the four “B” letter culture capitols of the world–Burbank, Buenos Aires, Budapest and, of course, Brampton. All together I traveled 24,354 miles or 39,190 kms in October–not counting runs to Etobicoke. Scott seemed concerned about jet lag. His first clue… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: World TV Tour hits Europe

TV Feeds My Family continues to span the globe to bring you the latest TV tales.  Scott Thompson at Hamilton’s CHML wanted to know what the deal was with my frequent flyer frenzy. I bring him up to date on my recent trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Canwest–er, Shaw Media–flew a group of Canadian journalists… Read on

This week’s Podcasts: LA set visits

With all this Globe hopping (barely back from Buenos Aires, today I’m off to Budapest), TVFMF is way behind in the podcast posting. Here are a couple of recent radio chats. First up is last week’s yakkity-yak with CHML’s Scott Thompson. We talk about the death of “Mr. C” Tom Bosley and my recent trip to… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: Talk of travel and Ritter

Spoke with CHML’s Scott Thompson about my trip to Los Angeles courtesy Citytv. The Rogers-owned network is anxious to promote some of their rookie imports, including The Event and Undercovers. Scott also wants to know how I scored a trip to Argentina. I’ve been invited to join a few Canadian journalists later this week on the… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: all over the dial

CHML’s Scott Thompson tricks me by opening this week’s podcast with a theme to a current TV series. I draw a blank and kick myself later. See if you can name that tune. You can listen in here.Scott asks about Dragon’s Den and wants to know why the show does so well. Good question, especially since… Read on