Shrek: The next Grinch or 30-minute Infomercial?

Every Wednesday, Mr. TV Feeds My Family talks TV on the radio with CHML’s Scott Thompson. Last week, the topic was, naturally, all those wall-to-wall Christmas specials that have been airing since, what, Halloween. Specifically, is the new Shrek The Halls (which repeats Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC) the next classic–finally taking the baton… Read on

Swag vs. Swag: Terminator Meets Trailer Park

In the post below, TV Feeds My Family awards our first “Swag of the Week” award to a box full of cute chewy Trailer Park Boys gingerbread cookies. Yum. Less edible but no less intriguing was the arrival of a small white envelope a week or two ago containing one tiny brass key. Attached was… Read on

Swag of the Week Award

Mister TV Feeds My Family gets goofy TV stuff sent to him every week. Some of it is junk, some of it is helpful, none of it ever winds up on eBay. But hands down the coolest promotional thingy to arrive via courier this holiday season came yesterday. The good folks at Alliance Atlantis send… Read on

Christ You Know It Ain’t Easy

It seems like a terrible idea for a Christmas documentary: What if Jesus Christ never walked the earth and the whole Jesus story is based on Egyptian myth and metaphor?That’s the premise behind The Pagan Christ, an hour-long documentary airing tonight at 9 p.m. on CBC’s The Doc Zone. The special is based on journalist… Read on

TV: Godless Zone?

This whole deal with The Pagan Christ (see above) got me wondering: If CBC can present a show in December that basically argues that the Son of God is a fake, what kind of effect will this have on future Christmas specials? Especially during these Godless, Hollywood strike battered season? Thanks for asking: Larry King… Read on

Truth and Rumors Ready to Take Off

The rumors are true: Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths arrives at the end of December. This bright and breezy book (sez me–hey, somebody’s got to wave my flag), the result of hundreds of interviews and drawn from over 20 years on the TV beat, is available from Greenwood Publishing and… Read on