Lies, Damn Lies and Television

Should Robert Irvine be sacked as the Food Network’s Dinner Impossible chef?That’s this week’s poll question at TV Feeds My Family. The story has been stewing for weeks, ever since The St. Petersburg Times blew the lid off his overcooked resume. Check out “TV chef spiced up past exploits,” by Ben Montgomery, here.Among other things,… Read on

Survey Says: Yes to Bill C-10 Powers

A flurry of last minute voting pushed the “Yes” side ahead in the latest TV Feeds My Family poll, which asked, “Should the Heritage Minister have the power to withhold tax credits from Canadian TV and film productions based on what they determine is content ‘contrary to public policy?” Fifty-four percent said yes, the government… Read on

Truth and Rumors Hit TV Guide

It’s not a rumour, it’s true–I used to work at TV Guide.Worked there for over a dozen years, in fact. That’s me, left, with a couple of guys I once played hockey with.So it’s good to be in TV Guide again, although it is a very different experience. My book, Truth and Rumors: The Reality… Read on

MVP, jPod: Picking Through the Rubble

Why did two of the January CBC start ups succeed and two others fail?It is a very Canadian question. Six weeks from now one will ask why Fox dumped three of the four shows they are launching this month. Most prime time network shows fail–in fact, historically, only 20% succeed.So, two out of four, 50%–that’s… Read on

MVP, jPod Out, Border, Sophie In for ’08-09

CBC announced it’s 2008-09 schedule today and two of its January starts–MVP and jPod–were left off the list. As expected, The Border and Sophie (starring Natalie Brown, above) are both back next season, as is the Sunday family series Heartland, which may have outperformed them all in total households. CBC is also in for a… Read on

Shameless Plug Alert No. 499

Stopping by Newsworld’s CBC News: Today with David Gray this afternoon to talk about a book that did not receive one thin dime in tax credits or any other kind of government funding: Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths. Order it today from–St. Patrick’s Day is coming! Among the rumours… Read on

A Radio Rant and a Top C-10 List

Another week, another podcast. This time, CHML Talk Radio’s Scott Thompson and I get into the whole Bill C-10 debate. Sorta makes you nostalgic for the writers strike, doesn’t it? Make a game of it–take a drink every time the phrase “tax credit” is used. Listen up here.Meanwhile, here, from the home office in Ottawa,… Read on

Numbers Other Than C-10

People have been so busy defending Canadian TV shows they haven’t had as much time to watch. Overnight ratings estimates this week show Monday’s The Border was down a buck-20 to 590,000 viewers. The Week The Women Went scored 627,000 well down from the near-million the series flirted with a couple of weeks ago. Part… Read on