Beatle Idol: Just Give Me Money

Have to say I was always kind of glad American Idol had been a Beatle free zone. As a life long Beatle fan, it did my heart good that there was somebody out there saying no to Fox’s crazy popular karaoke party.Alas, as George Harrison once said, all things must pass. Idol finalists got to… Read on

Oh Say Can You C-10

Remember all that kerfuffle about Bill C-10? Way back a week or so ago?Gawd, Canadian political scandals are so dull. If only somebody at Heritage Canada was trying to take away tax credits from thousand-dollars-an-hour hookers, instead of TV and film producers.That’s why I’m illustrating this post with the Friday cover of the New York… Read on

Spitzer Take

Those folks at The Colbert Report know an editing opportunity when they see one. Here, caught on YouTube (the clip on the Comedy Central Colbert Report site is geoblocked, dammit), is a subtle bit of mischief from last week’s re-broadcast of their February interview with former New York Governor/whore monger Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer has been… Read on

They Had Faces Back Then

An “almost” lost film from 1925 was one of the hits of the 28th annual Cinefest film festival, just concluding today in Syracuse, N.Y. The Lady, starring Norma Talmadge, was one of nine films presented yesterday in 35mm at the Palace Theatre, a newly restored neighborhood movie house. The Palace still operates as a regular… Read on

The Boys of Syracuse

Heading down the road today to Syracuse, N.Y., for the annual gathering of 16mm film geeks known as Cinefest. The four-day film festival, in its 28th season, doesn’t have the glamour of the swanky film fests held each year in Toronto or Cannes. Instead of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, for example, the biggest name… Read on

ACTRA Missing Intelligence

This week’s podcast with CHML’s Scott Thompson (listen here) gets into the fallout from the CBC pickups and rejections, including the all-too-predictable, knee-jerk joke-of-the-week: ACTRA calling on the government to step in and make CBC uncancel jPod, MVP and Intelligence. Read their boneheaded release here and notice how they can’t even get the name of… Read on

Lies, Damn Lies and Television

Should Robert Irvine be sacked as the Food Network’s Dinner Impossible chef?That’s this week’s poll question at TV Feeds My Family. The story has been stewing for weeks, ever since The St. Petersburg Times blew the lid off his overcooked resume. Check out “TV chef spiced up past exploits,” by Ben Montgomery, here.Among other things,… Read on

Survey Says: Yes to Bill C-10 Powers

A flurry of last minute voting pushed the “Yes” side ahead in the latest TV Feeds My Family poll, which asked, “Should the Heritage Minister have the power to withhold tax credits from Canadian TV and film productions based on what they determine is content ‘contrary to public policy?” Fifty-four percent said yes, the government… Read on