Border Jumper Majumder

If you’re flying between Hollywood and Halifax anytime soon, say hello to Shaun Majumder. The Newfoundland-native has one of the busiest bi-coastal comedy careers since Colin Mochrie worked Whose Line and every other show in Canada a few years back. As Dr. Freddie Sahgal, Majumder is one of the four main stars of the upcoming… Read on

Do Not Adjust Your Set

UPDATE: Check out the New York Times’ TV Decoder column by Brian Stelter for a complete, show-by-show breakdown on which shows will be returning when. Now that the strike is settled, the networks are gearing up to salvage what’s left of the season. According to early reports, there’s good and bad news for TV’s Hollywood… Read on

Strikes, Spears and Misses

Visiting my Hamilton media buddies Mark Hebscher and Donna Skelly today on CH Live @ 5:30, this time yakking about the end of the writers strike and what that means for viewers. (Hint: it means about as much as it did last week.)Also will be sharing a second CH segment with Erin Phelan of Reader’s… Read on

Nuts For Jericho

Thinking of starting a nuclear family? Think Jericho, which returns tonight on CBS and CTV. The post-apocalyptic drama, starring Skeet Ulrich and Ashley Scott, above, has inspired a Valentine’s e-card line available here. Nothing’ says lovin’ like a little radiation. Set in a small Kansas town on the outskirts of a nation-wide nuclear attack, Jericho… Read on

It’s Over. Now What?

Damn, and I had “canceled” in the Oscar pool. The latest word on the Writers Guild of America strike is that members will ratify the deal over the next 48 hours and that writers could be back to work as early as Wednesday. That means that, starting Wednesday night, Jay Leno can stop pretending that… Read on

My Name And Welcome To It

Sometimes my name trips people up on the phone. This morning, for instance, Hulk Hogan wrestled with it. “Bill Brioux–sounds like a wrestling name,” said the WWE’s ultimate showman. Hogan was on the line to promote the finale of American Gladiators, happening Feb. 17 on NBC and City-TV. Told the Hulkster I had never done… Read on

Border Babe Bests TV Icons at Banff

The Banff World Television Festival has just announced that Sofia Milos of The Border will receive their Award of Excellence when the annual TV Fest gathers this June. Now, any excuse to run a photo of Milos here is always welcome. The Swiss born beauty is the straw that stirs The Border drink. But Banff… Read on

She’s F***ing Matt Damon

Holy Lord this is funny. Sarah Silverman’s musical birthday present to boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel, from Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Spotted in another nail-on-the-head TV Worth Watching posting by my buddy David Bianculli, this one celebrating the renewed vigor in late night. Here is all the proof you need that late night is strike-a-licious: