Mercer, Others Weigh in on Bill C-10

Really trying not to write about Bill C-10 everyday but it is the issue that won’t go away. Thinking of legally changing my name to Bill “C-10” Brioux–if I can get a tax credit.I really think the favorable world view of Canada as a tolerant society–especially in the area of the arts–is what is being… Read on

New Amsterdam: Dutch Treat

The premise behind New Amsterdam (premiering tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox) is both intriguing and far fetched. A Dutch soldier who rescues a Native-American girl back in the 17th century–when the island of Manhattan was known as New Amsterdam–is himself cut down in battle. A medicine woman, who has spiritual powers, throws a spell… Read on

Separation of Church and State

As the anti-Bill C-10 Facebook site nears 20,000 members, the Ministry of Heritage is backpedaling faster than Roger Clemens at a lie detector test.Yesterday, Heritage Minister Josee Vernier, who was a no-show at last night’s Genie Awards in Toronto, issued this statement on the controversy surrounding the news last week that last minute amendments had… Read on

Oscar Goes to: Will Ferrell

It’s a slam dunk: Semi-Pro star Will Ferrell won TV Feeds My Family’s latest reader poll, which asked, “Who should host next year’s Academy Awards?” The former SNL star, with 19% of the vote, emerged at the top of a pretty crowded field, with eight-time Oscar host Billy Crystal (15%) and red carpet maniac Gary… Read on

God, The Devil and Mark Hebscher

Pray for me. I’m scheduled to go toe-to-toe with Charles McVety, president of the Canadian Family Action Coalition, this afternoon on CHCH’s Live @ 5:30 with March Hebscher and Donna Skelly.McVety is the gent who took credit for successfully lobbying a couple of Harper government ministers and getting a last-minute morals clause snuck onto a… Read on

Nic Campbell: Canada’s Robert Duval

Nicholas Campbell is a bad pony player and a hell of an actor. He proves the latter again tonight in Part One of The Englishman’s Boy (8 p.m. on CBC). The other he admitted to Brian D. Johnson in a jaw-dropping read (“Nicholas Campbell explains how he threw it all away“) in the current issue… Read on

Facebook Friends Foil Bill C-10 Scam

The slogan at the bottom of David Kahane‘s University of Alberta web page says it all: “Start Something.”Kahane certainly did. The associate professor of political science–specializing in democratic theory and practice–got an email Thursday from a friend, playwright Brad Fraser, outraged at something he’d read in the Globe and Mail. Attached was the story, “Tories… Read on

Tempest in a Tax Credit

Holy Lord, Canadian TV is going all to Hell.News that the Tories are trying to sneak through a morals clause in a tax bill has put a chill into Canada’s creative community. In a nutshell, the Harper government has added a clause to Bill C-10, which is heading into a third reading before the senate,… Read on