Kimmel’s Oscar Worthy Revenge

Sunday night after the Oscars on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel got his revenge on saucy girlfriend Sarah Silverman. You’ll recall her musical confession that she was F***ing Matt Damon. Kimmel hit Damon where it hurts, taking away the one person even more precious in his “We Are The World”-inspired get even video, I’m F***ing Ben Affleck.More… Read on

No Ratings For Old Men

There may be blood after preliminary ratings for last night’s Academy Awards suggest that it was by far the lowest-rated Oscarcast ever. According to Nielsen Media Research, the overnights show a 14% drop below the previous worst ever performance by an Oscar, in 2003. Worse, it was down 24% year-to-year in the 18-49-year-old demo. Sunday’s… Read on

There Will Be Bland

Well, there’s four hours I’ll never get back.The 80th Annual Academy Awards were handed out last night, and as Johnny Carson once cracked, they managed to cram two hours of entertainment into four.After lowering expectations with a lousy performance in 2006, a much more relaxed Jon Stewart was better this time as host, scoring early… Read on

Sun Shines on Truth and Rumors

It’s nice to be back in The Toronto Sun again, thanks to my old pal Jim Slotek, who reviews my book Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths today across the Sun Media chain. (I missed the front page, knocked out of the Sun again by a Tory. Damn!) You can read… Read on

And the Oscar Goes To…

Annual Oscar prediction lists are so lame, every numskull within a mile of a keyboard does one every year. Then again, they take less time to write than to read, so here we go: BEST ACTOR Nominees:George Clooney in Michael ClaytonDaniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber… Read on

Global Shortage

The untold story of the impact of the writers strike in Canada may be the Global effect. Meaning the once mighty Global TV network has slipped behind CBC for third place some nights in Canada. Now, Global is down but not out. Thursdays are still strong with Survivor Micronesia drawing over 2 million viewers a… Read on

Good Evening Hollywood Phonies

Is Jon Stewart too smart for this room? The host of The Daily Show, back in a tux for the 80th Annual Academy Awards (Sunday at 8 p.m. on CTV and ABC), was seen as the Oscar saviour in 2006. It was widely anticipated that he would add edge and boost viewership among younger viewers.… Read on

Still Live From New York: Don Pardo

Quick TV quiz: who is the longest serving member of the Saturday Night Live team? Darrell Hammond? No, but good guess. In terms of cast members, the uncanny impressionist has been with the show longer than any other player, 13 seasons. Trick question then–Lorne Michaels, right? Wrong Bass-O-Matic breath, Toronto-born Michaels created the show and… Read on