My Name And Welcome To It

Sometimes my name trips people up on the phone. This morning, for instance, Hulk Hogan wrestled with it. “Bill Brioux–sounds like a wrestling name,” said the WWE’s ultimate showman. Hogan was on the line to promote the finale of American Gladiators, happening Feb. 17 on NBC and City-TV. Told the Hulkster I had never done… Read on

Border Babe Bests TV Icons at Banff

The Banff World Television Festival has just announced that Sofia Milos of The Border will receive their Award of Excellence when the annual TV Fest gathers this June. Now, any excuse to run a photo of Milos here is always welcome. The Swiss born beauty is the straw that stirs The Border drink. But Banff… Read on

She’s F***ing Matt Damon

Holy Lord this is funny. Sarah Silverman’s musical birthday present to boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel, from Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Spotted in another nail-on-the-head TV Worth Watching posting by my buddy David Bianculli, this one celebrating the renewed vigor in late night. Here is all the proof you need that late night is strike-a-licious:

The Fairplay’s The Thing

My ol’ Survivor pal Murtz Jaffer (who should be on this edition, but that’s another story) told me a week ago that Jonny Fairplay up and quits on the premiere episode of Survivor Micronesia. That’s exactly what happened tonight, with the game’s biggest villain (real name: Jon Dalton) taking himself out of the game after… Read on

Global Doesn’t Have a Prairie

Wednesdays CBC numbers: Little Mosque 776,000, new ABC Family pickup Sophie 545,000, fifth estate 671,000. CTV, of course, remains dominant: American Idol drew 2,682,000, The Moment of Truth, 1,478,000, CSI: New York 1,762,000. CSI: NY, in fact, does better in Canada than in the U.S., where it is down 30% year to year in the… Read on

KITT Got His Tongue

Will Arnett has been yanked off that new Knight Rider remake, replaced as the voice of KITT by Val Kilmer. That’s right, G.O.B. is out of a job. The reason? Toronto-native Arnett does voice over work for General Motors. The new KITT is a Shelby Mustang, built Ford tough. Woops. I could see this coming… Read on

The Thong Remains The Thame

Super Tuesday, presidential primary elections, change in America…screw that! We’ve got Tyra Banks ripping her jeans off on television! Woooo-eeeeee!You’d almost think it was sweeps! Hey, it IS sweeps!

MVP Held Off Score Sheet

House welcomed MVP to Tuesdays with a stiff bodycheck to the boards. In its new days and date premiere, the sexy prime time soap about the “secret lives of hockey wives” netted only 249,000 viewers. That almost exactly what it was getting on Fridays before CBC flipped it with lower rated rookie jPod. The problem… Read on