Idol’s Impact Jars jPod

American Idol roared back in Canada last night, drawing 2,926,000 viewers on CTV. While that’s probably good enough to rank as the No. 1 show of the week, it was proportionally off from the estimated 33.2 million viewers who saw it on Fox in the U.S.–where it registered its lowest series debut in four years.The… Read on


Diane Keaton drops the F-Bomb, live, on Good Morning America. It happened yesterday. Somewhere, Diane Sawyer’s mom is shocked.

American Idol: Where Dreams Go To Die

The return of American Idol usually conjures up words like “silly,” “mindless” and “fun.” Last night, for me anyway, the word was “heartbreaking.” TV’s biggest hit was off-putting last night, and maybe this time not just for me–the early, overnight numbers are in, and American Idol came in 15% lower than the debut of the… Read on

Moment of Truth for Idol

Over the past five year, I’ve written a billion columns about American Idol. I’ve got nothing left to say about it. It returns tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox and CTV, Another two-hour audition show airs tomorrow. Will it roar back as big as ever? Probably. The other networks are still terrified by it. There… Read on

MVP: So Offside It’s Icing

MVP, or as it is being called, “Desperate Hockey Wives,” feels kinda wrong on the staid old Hockey Night in Canada network, which is exactly why CBC should be doing it. Still, for me, the pilot was, to borrow a phrase from west coast critic Dana Gee, “so offside it’s icing.” I may not be… Read on

Globes, Shmobes: CTV Still Scores Touchdown

Some observations at the end of what seemed like a long weekend from one bleary-eyed TV critic: Was there a more important takeaway in Canadian programming this season than CTV snatching NFL football from CanWest Global? In a season gutted by the writers strike, football has been the one constant ratings winner. NFL playoff coverage… Read on

Daily Smile: Writers Strike Edition

Check out this strike spoof gem from YouTube. It uses classic film clips to tell “The Writers Strike Story (So Far).” Don’t miss the lolipop kids, they are to laff.

Shameless Self Promotion Plug No. 468

Gotta love my pals at CH in Hamilton, Mark Hebscher, Donna Skelly and producer Lawrence Diskin. They very kindly invited me on CH Live @ 5:30 today to blab about my book, Truth And Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths. The show airs at, believe it or not, 5:30 (and repeats again tonight… Read on