Minister brings Joly news at Banff World Media Festival

BANFF, Alta. — You know you’re in Banff when an honest-to-God Mountie helps you find the hotel’s business centre. That happened to me the other day here at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, an incredible Scottish castle-like structure that looks as if Hogwarts was dropped between mountain ranges in a scenic wonderland. The hotel is… Read on

Banff Media Fest 2016: Joly opener

BANFF, Alta.– “We can work together to create risks,” says Heritage Minister Melanie Joly. “Yes–a politician talking to you about risks.” Joly was speaking to a room full of nervous television industry stakeholders as the keynote speaker Sunday at the Banff World Media Festival. The Minister got a lot of her talking points from the Canadian… Read on

Aidan Quinn talks the talk on Horses of McBride

Aidan Quinn in Alberta last March with MacKenzie Porter and friends TURNER VALLEY, Alta–Canadian actors are always getting busted in Hollywoodfor their accents. Nothing causes a director in yell, “Cut!” faster than an “oot” or “aboot.” Yet you seldom hear aboot an American actor attempting a Canadian accent. So thanks for coming oot, Aidan… Read on