Art Hindle

Suzanne Somers, Howard Cosell and Bruce Jenner; The original Battle was non-stop fun “I wanted to become an actor and a star,” says Blackish’s Anthony Anderson, “so I could be on Battle of the Network Stars.” The star of the ABC sitcom and the host of To Tell the Truth was at the Banff World
The view back at the main estate from the new Northern Dancer Pavilion. Slaight Music Residency alumni rocked the BBQ You know you're at a TIFF/Canadian Film Centre event when somebody shouts out "Noah!" and about 30 people turn around. Sunday was the annual CFC BBQ in Toronto on the lush lawns at the old
NEW YORK, N.Y.--"I was a teenager who loved rock 'n roll, especially Elvis," says Art Hindle. The veteran Canadian actor, who starred on such shows as E.N.G. and Dallas, was one of millions who tuned in to The Ed Sullivan Show exactly 50 years ago. "My girlfriend insisted I sit there and watch the Sullivan show that
Jewison doing that Trudeau "gunslinger" stanceTalk about connections. Slawko Klymkiw arranged for another perfect day Sunday for his little burger fest at the Canadian Film Centre's annual barbecue as part of the Toronto International Film Festival. Kyymkiw--who secured another $9 million from the Ontario government for the film and TV school earlier this year--and Shaftesbury