REVIEW: PBS’s Soundbreaking is sensational

Been on the road a lot this past month so way behind in giving this programming heads up: check out Soundbreaking, the best documentary of the fall. Already half way through a run of eight amazing episodes on PBS, the ambitious series charts the history of recorded music. It was the last thing Sir George Martin worked on,… Read on

This week’s podcast: Vinyl makes killer first impression

CHML’s Scott Thompson starts things off this week by talking about the Super Bowl. Ratings were down slightly in the U.S. and Canada. I say it was because neither team could throw, catch or run. Also the weather was warmer than usual, allowing a few of us to step away from our screens. Scott especially… Read on

Robots from France invade Grammy Awards

Dance duo Daft Punk won Album of the Year I got a call around five hours into Sunday night’s Grammy Awards to turn on the TV–Ringo was on.Sure enough, there he was, looking fab for 73 and singing Photograph. Beatle-y photos flashed behind him to remind folks that CBS has a special Feb. 9 commemorating… Read on

This week’s podcast: hooked on Amish

People are endlessly fascinated by someone else being humiliated on television. That might explain why Scott Thompson’s wife spent the weekend watching Breaking Amish. “She was mesmerized by it Bill, she couldn’t stop watching it for two hours,” the CHML host  reports.I tell Scott about my visit to the creepy set of Panic Button in Etobicoke,… Read on