If you covered TV in Canada, you have an Alan Thicke story

It’s both an honor — and another indicator I’ve been doing this a long time — to find myself a go-to obit guy. This year, it seems, every day or two, another entertainer from my youth passes away. Bewitched‘s Dr. Bombay — Welsh actor Bernard Fox — was paged for good Wednesday at 89. That was a day… Read on

Mansbridge ready for his moose makeover closeup

“Do I a-moose-you?” That seems to be what Peter Mansbridge is saying. It’s not that he’s on the horns of a dilemma. He’s providing a voice for Disney’s “Zootopia,” opening Friday in theatres everywhere. “It’s come to this Bill, I’m playing a moose,” Mansbridge told me with a laugh. The 67-year-old London-native has been CBC’s main national news anchor… Read on

Anchors keep dragging down newscasts on both sides of the border

Lordy, the jokes when I was down at the TCA press tour last month about Canadian news anchors. It seemed like every day I was down in Pasadena, another Canuck news personality was  getting caught screwing up. First it was Global News anchor Leslie Roberts, suspended and then forced to resign after it came to… Read on

Downton Abbey could use a little Abby Dalton

Sure, there’s a hockey game on, but for some folks, the big news Sunday night is the fifth season North American premiere of Downton Abbey (9 p.m. on PBS). Now, this isn’t so much a spoiler alert as a spoilsport alert: I’m not that much interested in Downton Abbey. I’m actually more interested, still, in… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: Three Chairs for CBC

CBC made a big mistake by overselling their news makeover Monday and are they paying for it this week. All the outrage on the Internet, you’d think Mansbridge had lied about hiding a kid in a balloon.Everybody seems convinced CBC News stands for nothing now that Mansbridge won’t sit down (especially the Legion of Decency’s… Read on

Tonight on The National: Free Beer to PPM Households

Those three giant, full page ads in the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail today don’t come cheap. CBC is spending big time in order to get the word out that tonight is the premiere of their re-launched national news as well as a brand new look for CBC Newsworld, now re-branded CBC News… Read on