Kim’s Convenience an overnight success for CBC

Overnight estimates — a measure that means less and less these days — are in and the numbers for Kim’s Convenience so far are right where I expected. Tuesday’s back-to-back opener measured 835,000 and 805,000 viewers on the overnight scale. That was good enough for third in the timeslot in Canada behind Global’s strong rookie… Read on

Upfront Canada Week: Corus/Global

Thursday in Toronto Corus hosted the third leg of the Canadian private network Triple Crown. Front and centre at Thursday’s Corus upfront was EVP and COO Barb Williams. The savvy network executive has had a Tartikoff-like ride in the TV game, making tons of money for her company although never exactly the poster child for Canadian TV… Read on

Chicago Fire stars on working Chi-town’s mean streets

Forget about those dirty double crosses. NBC(and Global) broadcasts a triple crossover this week involving all three Dick Wolf dramas set in Chicago. The story begins on Chicago Fire (Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Global; Tues. at 10 p.m. on NBC) then spreads to Chicago Med (Tuesday at 7 on Global; Wednesday at 9 p.m. on… Read on

Hey, Elias Koteas–can I ask you a few questions?

Some TV stars are just dying to talk to reporters. Then there is Elias Koteas. The man is just not into the whole press scene. A native of Montreal, the actor currently plays a cop on Chicago PD (airing Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Global and NBC). His character, Det. Alvin Olinsky, is… Read on

This week’s podcast: on the bus with Pete and the PM

Was CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge too buddy-buddy with new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on that bus? CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted my take on CBC’s coverage last week of Trudeau’s first day at work. I thought there was nothing wrong with Mansbridge’s informal tone and also enjoyed Trudeau’s zinger suggesting Mansbridge might be out of touch with… Read on

Reporters have a blast at NBC’s Chicago Day

CHICAGO, Ill–Who doesn’t love seeing things blow up real good? Certainly not TV journalists. NBC knew what they were doing when they invited an international gathering of beat writers to Chicago Monday to visit the sets of three Dick Wolf dramas: Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and the newest entry, Chicago Med (premiering Nov. 17 on… Read on

Blue Jays only home run in fall full of singles

UPDATED: The numbers posted by the victorious Toronto Blue Jays during the ALDS are incredible: an overnight, estimated 4.85 million viewers watched that unforgettable fifth and deciding game on Sportsnet Wednesday night, peaking at a staggering 8.1 million by the final out. That tally followed 4,377,000 viewers for Game 4 vs Texas on Thanksgiving Monday afternoon and… Read on

TONIGHT: Nashville and Arrow worth the wait

Two of the better new shows in a mediocre season launch tonight: Arrow and Nashville, along with one of the worst new shows, Chicago Fire. The CW, which is behind shot-in-Vancouver Arrow, tends to launch all their new shows a little later since it apparently doesn’t matter if anybody watchers. Arrow delivers as a well made… Read on