CBC Upfront 2015: making a little seem like a lot

In Canada, the annual television network “Upfronts” are a few weeks later than they are in the States. Our Upfronts are really “Uplaters.” They also don’t draw anywhere near the same amount of advertising revenues. Canadian advertisers tend to commit less of their budgets in the spring, playing more of a wait and see game. Since… Read on

John Doyle demands a Canadian TV Inquest

Da Vinci’s Inquest: why didn’t it spark a new Golden Age of Canadian TV? Drop whatever you’re doing and go read John Doyle in Thursday’s Globe and Mail. Right now. If there’s a pay wall go out and buy a copy. John asks: Where is Canada in the golden age of TV? Basically, where’s our… Read on

Can Landgraf’s FX formula fix Canadian TV?

One of the smartest people in television, in my estimation, is John Landgraf (left). Had the pleasure of chatting on the phone with the president and general manager of FX Wednesday for this CP piece on the deal behind FX Canada.I had flown home early from the TCA press tour in Los Angeles and missed… Read on