The results are in: here’s how the networks did on election night

In an age when you can find out who won or lost instantly on Twitter, does the full-blown, all-star election night coverage still matter? There was some hubbub recently, for example, when CBC decided not to preempt their Monday night hit Murdoch Mysteries in order to provide live, municipal election night coverage on its main… Read on

CNN enjoys a HUGE Trump bump in Canada

The polls are still open in some States but here at Brioux.TV we’re able to declare a winner: CNN. The Atlanta-based cable news network is on a roll in the United States, topping Fox News CNN is also on a roll in the United States. For the first time in 15 years, CNN has beaten Fox News… Read on

Clinton v. Trump: there’s no wall high enough to keep this out

Way back in 1960, during the very first U.S. presidential televised debates, it was said that if you listened to them on the radio, Richard Nixon won. If you watched them on TV, the winner was John Kennedy. I’m temped to repeat that experiment for Monday night’s first of three televised debates between Hilary Clinton… Read on

Four day RNC more like ZZZ

I’ve seen Trump up close, on several occasions. He’s like Elvis in a suit, positively leeches attention. Just try not to stare at his lid. So, yes, I watched a lot of the Republican National Convention over the past week. Here are some observations: That it was held at the Quicken Loans Arena tells you… Read on

Could Dr. Drew rehab T.O. mayor Rob Ford?

PASADENA, CA–Spotted Dr. Drew Pinsky at the CNN TCA press tour party the other day and asked: can Rob Ford be saved?You might have read or heard about Toronto’s mayor. Hizzonor has admitted he’s smoked crack cocaine and been on a few booze binges.When I mentioned him to Greg Kinnear–who plays a boozin,’ gamblin’, cad… Read on


PASADENA, CA–There are certain players in the TV racket who just jolt the room when they pop into press tour. For example: Jeff Zucker.Now president of CNN Worldwide, the 48-year-old reinvented The Today Show half his lifetime ago. He went from Wunderkind to mere mortal after rising to the top at NBC Universal. On his… Read on

Levant hijacks Ford Nation in Sun Snoozer

Doug and Rob Ford met expectations Monday on Ford Nation When the overnight estimates come in at the end of the day Tuesday, look for the Sun News Network to have set a viewing record for Monday night’s premiere of Ford Nation. (Those numbers will be updated right here).Mind you, that’s like saying the Jays… Read on

This week’s podcast: more election blather

This week, of course, CHML’s Scott Thompson is all about Tuesday night’s U.S. election coverage. We both agree Diane Sawyer seemed to be feeling no pain on ABC’s anchor desk. Scott thinks the whole presidential race has devolved into one big reality show and he could be right. Donald Trump’s twitter-fit seemed like so much… Read on