VIDEO: Murdoch Mysteries “Extra” Edition

For those who may have blinked and missed me as a background extra this week on Murdoch Mysteries, here’s a little something extra. The historical drama returned for a fifth season Wednesday night in Canada and drew just 385,000 on City opposite Game Four of the Stanley Cup finals. Who the heck is scheduling these… Read on

Miner role steals Murdoch Mysteries premiere

Bisson (left), Brioux (middle) and some guy with lines Yes, the long wait is over. Tonight’s the night I make my big debut on Murdoch Mysteries.It’s a buddy picture, really, me and Yannick Bisson, way up in  Dawson City in the Yukon, panning for blogger gold.Bisson’s hardly in it, really. Sure, they give him lines,… Read on

Few more Miner details from Dawson City shoot

Back from my northern exposure to remarkable Dawson City, Yukon, where I was on location with the cats from Murdoch Mysteries. So much to process out from walking those muddy streets which seldom go dark this time of year. Check out my “up close and dirty view of Murdoch Mysteries” in the front page of… Read on

There’s blog gold in them thar hills

Gertie meets man from Lenscrafters DAWSON CITY, YUKON–There still is gold in Dawson City, say the locals. But there’s a surprising amount of silver, too.At least there was Tuesday night at “Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall,” Canada’s oldest casino. As in silver-haired tourists, mostly American, who apparently flock to the place in the summer months.Gertie… Read on

Traveling to the top of the globe to bring the news

WHITEHORSE, YUKON–Usually when I do my weekly radio chat with Scott Thompson he’s on Hamilton’s CHML AM900. Monday, however, Scott was working the evening shift over at Corus sister station AM640 in Toronto. So you’d think I would go talk to him in person in the studio, right? Wrong Arctic Char breath.Monday was a travel… Read on