This week’s podcast: Ford boosts Kimmel

What with traveling to and from North Carolina and all, I didn’t get to chat with CHML’s Scott Thompson this week until Friday. We had plenty of catching up to do, including a post mortem on Rob Ford’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, another look at Ellen DeGeneres’ job hosting The Oscars and my visit… Read on

This week in pointless embargoes: news from Stephen King and Dean Norris

Dean Norris (left) accepts the key to a 2001 Chrysler Sebring WILMINGTON, N.C.–Stephen King has been scaring readers and film and TV fans for years. What scares him, he was asked Tuesday.I can’t tell you, but it was illuminating and poignant.The 66-year-old was sitting in a screening room on the studio lot where King’s series… Read on