24 Legacy star Smits never wears out his welcome

Jimmy Smits has been an A-List TV star since he broke out on LA Law over 30 years ago. With nine TV series on his IMDb list, he’s been a familiar face for decades at TCA press tours. I joined a scrum of reporters who spoke with him on stage following the TCA session for… Read on

Terror on the tube

I’m too scared to watch The Walking Dead. Same with American Horror Story.  So University of Western Ontario student and horror film fan Kira Charron–who previously filed her impressions of  Terra Nova for TVFMF—adds this review on all things spooky this TV season.By KIRA CHARRON Horror film directors have a reason to be scared. So… Read on

Alert Count Floyd! Horror Story is scary keeds!

I’ve been talking up American Horror Story since I came back from L.A. The screening at the Fox Studios a week ago had critics sleeping with at least one eye open.FX has cannily snuck seven 16-second teasers up on YouTube. The first in the series is above. It doesn’t show you anything from the pilot… Read on