Mary Tyler Moore 1936 – 2017

What makes even a crusty TV critic cry? News that Mary Tyler Moore has passed away. I first fell in love with her on The Dick Van Dyke Show, but who didn’t? Certainly Dick Van Dyke did. Look at the photo above — how much in love were these two kids? They were even asked,… Read on

VIDEOCAST: Berman and Brioux talk TCA

 TCA pal Marc Berman does this magic trick down here where he opens his laptop and turns it into a broadcast studio. The two of us sat on stools outside the Huntington Ballroom the other day and recapped some of the highlights of press tour so far–including Saturday’s TV on Film Project screening. Check out… Read on

Magilla, Van Dyke latest TV on Film treasures

PASADENA, CA–“We’ve got a gorilla for sale, Magilla Gorilla for sale…”If that theme song rings a bell, you’re either a Boomer, a serious TV animation buff or were at Saturday’s TV on Film Project screening at this TCA press tour.That’s where I screened my 16mm print of Say Hello to a Star, a sales reel… Read on

Oh Rob!

“Dick Van Dyke rescued from burning car.” There’s a headline that will get your attention. The 87-year-old actor has survived marriage to a 40-year-old and even headaches from his giant titanium teeth. Now he’s getting pulled out of a flaming Jaguar on a Los Angeles freeway. I blame tripping over that auto-man all those years… Read on

TONIGHT: Chi McBride backs up Golden Boy

Last June in Toronto I presented McBride with thefirst “Screenie” Award–before it was invented Way back last June, CTV flew Chi McBride up to Toronto to take part in their press preview for the 2012-13 season. I had ten minutes with him, and it was the best ten minutes of that day. In 20 years,… Read on

Last minute DVD box sets for Christmas

You’ve done it again, haven’t you? You’ve left your Christmas shopping till the last minute. Lucky for you Cloverdale Mall is on extended hours and there’s plenty of free parking. If you still have a TV fan on your list, and they’ve been especially good this year, here are five DVD box set suggestions pre-tested… Read on