Canada 150: stars share their passion for the True North

Feeling like waving the flag this Canada Day? Over the past weeks and even months,m I’ve been banking quotes from several TV personalities, getting their response to one question: What does Canada’s 150th birthday mean to you? Among those I quizzed: Don Cherry, Ron MacLean, Rick Mercer (above), Brent Butt, Marilyn Denis, Cobie Smulders, Jared… Read on

Five Canadian teams a win for Rogers as Cup chase begins

Wednesday marks the beginning of two months of playoff hockey and this year, viewers in Canada have reasons to cheer. Unlike last spring, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary all made the playoffs. Only Vancouver and Winnipeg missed the cut. That’s good news for Scott Moore, president of Sportsnet and NHL Properties at Rogers. He and his… Read on

Don Cherry signs multi-year pact for more HNiC

Took a little back and forth, and credit the CP editors for their patience, but I was able to break this news about Don Cherry off Monday’s Rogers Media upfront in Toronto: he’ll be back next season, at least, on Hockey Night in Canada. Cherry, 82, who signed a two-year contract when Rogers made their… Read on

With Sportsnet calling the shots, let the Stanley Cup games begin

Wednesday night, the puck drops on a new era in Stanley Cup hockey coverage. One guy who can hardly wait is Scott Moore, President of Sportsnet and NHL at Rogers Media. Moore was the man at the centre of Rogers’ $5.2 billion dollar, 12-year, NHL rights deal. The former head of CBC sports has rolled the biggest… Read on

Coach’s cornered: sudden death for Grapes?

Did the publishers of Chill magazine know something? There’s a reason Don Cherry is the biggest TV star in Canada. It is not just the crazy suits. It is not just the flag waving patriotism. It is not just the dog or the Lincolns. It is not just that he could say anything on any… Read on

Tonight: the season finale of Battle of the Blades

Host MacLean and skaters Dubreuil and Berard face judge Bezic Battle of the Blades is one of those shows you really should see live. The skating performances look great on camera, but there is a big event energy to an actual taping as I discovered again Sunday night at the Mastercard Centre. This was my… Read on