This week’s podcast: skinny basic brouhaha

This week CHML’s Scott Thompson suggests people are mad as hell about this “Skinny Basic” subterfuge. Get a digital antenna, I suggest again. It’s a low, one-time cost and zero-a-month for more channels than is being offered on the skinny basic cable/satellite provider plans. Are people, however, really surprised by the basic bait and switch? Seems… Read on

CHCH Morning Live: what to watch this winter

Wednesday morning was my first time back at Hamilton’s CHCH since the job slashing that took place right before Christmas. I was a guest on Morning Live, where I sat with Bob Cowan and previewed some of the big new shows premiering this month and next. You can watch the segment, complete with clips, here.… Read on

Downton Abbey gets out while the going’s good

The sixth and final season of Downton Abbey began airing in North America Sunday night on PBS–which reminds me, I better get my screeners back from my neighbour Roberta. Have to admire the Brits for getting out before anybody could accuse anybody of overstaying their welcome. If this was a Fox or NBC series, as… Read on

Downton Abbey could use a little Abby Dalton

Sure, there’s a hockey game on, but for some folks, the big news Sunday night is the fifth season North American premiere of Downton Abbey (9 p.m. on PBS). Now, this isn’t so much a spoiler alert as a spoilsport alert: I’m not that much interested in Downton Abbey. I’m actually more interested, still, in… Read on

Downton Abbey still a draw at TCA

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.—Downton Abbey is PBS’s Super Bowl. The ITV import draws the highest ratings on the public broadcaster and network officials once again gave it red carpet treatment at press tour. Reporters were given yellow wrist bands to get into Tuesday night’s dinner event, where four cast members, along with a couple of producers, sat… Read on

TONIGHT: Downton Abbey returns

Lady Mary  (Michelle Dockery, left) looks for the baby off switch Take a close look at Downton Abbey as it returns for a fourth season Sunday night (9/8c, PBS).It’s a sneaky show. On the surface, it looks like an old-fashioned miniseries, a throwback to Upstairs, Downstairs, Brideshead Revisited and other period dramas from the ’70s and… Read on

Downton Abbey: Season Four sneak peek a hit

NEW YORK–Some of Manhattan’s best dressed matrons were squealing and carrying on like Justin Bieber fans Thursday night in a salute to Downton Abbey. A screening of the fourth season premiere, which will air January 5th on PBS, was held at the New York Times Building Lobby Auditorium. After the screening, Times columnist Bill Carter… Read on

Women of Downton Abbey make PBS’s day

The ladies of Downton Abbey. Whot? Us scrum? Cheeky. BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–PBS days on TCA press tours are always a step up. After two weeks of new network comedies and cop shows, of high concepts and low brow time wasters, PBS really does challenge critics to think beyond the box, to be more.Not that it’s… Read on