Family Guy rips Trump, teases Trudeau in ‘toon take down

Have to thank cottage neighbour Jimmy for the heads up on Sunday’s episode of Family Guy. If you missed it live (as I did), check out the high points in the video, above, or stream it here at Citytv Go. Basically, Family Guy ran Donald Trump through a shredder. Every possible joke about his tiny… Read on

Upfronts 2015: Sportsnet and TSN battle over who’s bigger

At 8:01 Tuesday morning, Bell Media sent an email with the following headline: “TSN once again ranks as Canada’s #1 specialty channel in all key demos” At 8:08 a.m., Rogers–who hosted today’s Canadian network upfront in Toronto–blasted out their message: “Sportsnet is Now the #1 Sports Brand on TV in Canada” So who is telling the… Read on

Seth MacFarlane: I want my four hours back

Thanks probably to this shout out, EW’s real headlines are kinder than mosttoday; Oscar should have sucked up to Nikki Finke in Deadline Hollywood As someone said on Twitter this morning, hosting the Oscars must be the only job in the world where people in pyjamas eating all dressed chips can sit there and say… Read on

Family Guy goes backwards for laffs

I’m not the biggest fan of Family Guy, which marked its “freakin’ sweet” 200th episode Sunday. The episode found Brian breaking Stewie’s time machine, sending the entire series into a backwards spin.The reason I’ve never been sold on the show is that it seems to be made by folks with no life outside of television.… Read on