Man Seeking Woman finds woman in Katie Findlay

Has Man Seeking Woman found its Mary Tyler Moore? The FXX network comedy has shaken things up in this its third season. Gone are the series of disastrous dates inflicted upon Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel). Instead, lovable loser Josh finds himself matched up in a steady, season-long relationship with Lucy — played with pluck and panache… Read on

Seeking laughs? Watch tonight’s season finale of Man Seeking Woman

One of the most imaginative comedies shot in Toronto is about to wrap up for a second season. Man Seeking Woman bows out Wednesday night at 10:30 ET on FXX and FXX Canada. Jay Baruchel (above) stars as a Josh, a one-man dating disaster area. On the season finale, Josh finally gets his chance to be with work-mate Rosa (Rosa Salazar).… Read on

Baruchel finding laughs in Man Seeking Woman

Jay Baruchel has grown since I first met him, and not just as an actor. That was way back at the TCA Fox party for Undeclared in 2001. He was just a punk kid in the freshman college comedy, part of an awesome cast which included another funny Canuck, Seth Rogan. They were basically two… Read on