Schools out: Mr. D ends tonight after 8 seasons

After eight seasons, Mr. D airs its final episode tonight on CBC. That’s a long run in Canadian television, especially for a sitcom. Corner Gas, for example, lasted six seasons (although it chalked up more episodes). The King of Kensington reigned for five. Schitt’s Creek returns for its fifth season in January. I happened to… Read on

Q&A with Gerry Dee on the finale season of Mr. D

Last July when I was in Halifax to interview the cast and producers of Pure I squeezed in a second set visit opportunity. A few kilometers away, Gerry Dee and the cast and crew of CBC’s Mr. Dee were wrapping up their eighth and final season, so I thought I’d better hurry on over before… Read on

Thank Mr. Rogers for more Mr. D

Turns out Mr. D graduated to a fourth season thanks to Mr. R. As in Rogers. In one of the more surprising revelations at Rogers’ Tuesday upfront, it was learned that the private broadcaster–which got into bed with its skates on in the deal to keep Hockey Night in Canada on CBC for the next… Read on

CBC still “Lives” at 2014-15 preview

They’re still using the slogan “Canada Lives Here” at CBC. It was on-screen during the presentation reel at CBC’s 2014-15 preview Thursday in Toronto. It seems to need an addendum now:  “Canada Lives Here–They Just No Longer Work Here.” Or, “Canada Lives Here–But the Kids Never Visit.”  Or, “Canada Lives Here–Five Percent of the Time” or…this… Read on

Remedy and other post-Olympic ratings

With the Olympics done like borscht, the real TV Games have begun. This week, several new and returning shows aired series as well as season premiere episodes. Here is a sampling. (Keep in mind as we move deeper into the PVR, Live+7 era these estimated, overnight numbers are a bit like reporting only the first two… Read on

Ottawa hosts ready for Prime Time players

Prime Time in Ottawa sounds like a Canadian comedy from the ’80s–like Not My Department or Learning the Ropes. Instead, it is a Canadian TV and film industry conference and schmoozefest that has been going on in the nation’s capital since those two shows were on the air. Maybe it began in response to them!Presented… Read on

TONIGHT: Mr. D meets “Manaconda”

Gerry Dee and Mark Little trying not to get picked up at the Menz Bar I play hockey in a teacher’s league in Brampton and one of my teammates told me the other day he ran into a former student.“Hey–Mr. D!” the kid shouted.It was not a compliment.Several teachers and teammates have told me they… Read on

This week’s podcast: Mr. D, Geminis and City-TV

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to know what the heck I was doing in Halifax last week. I explain that I was there on the set of the CBC teacher comedy Mr. D. Scott wanted to know if Gerry Dee’s hair was really that blond. This is why Scott gets the medium sized bucks.We… Read on