Hugh Hefner 1926 — 2017

Hugh Hefner, who died Wednesday at 91, was still a pretty big draw at press tour when he made a memorable TCA appearance in July of 2005. The Playboy founder was there to promote The Girls Next Door, a series that did little to enhance his legend. The reality show co-starred Hef’s “latest posse of helium hotties,” as… Read on

This week’s podcast: on the scent of The Sniffer

Just before I go on his early afternoon show each Wednesday, I can hear CHML’s Scott Thompson yakking about something else. Today it was the news that Playboy is dropping naked women from its pages. I begin our segment by vowing to take up the slack on TV Feeds My Family. That is not going… Read on

TCA Day Two: visit to the Playboy Mansion

I accidentally dropped my glasses into the swirling waters of the Playboy Mansion’s infamous grotto Wednesday night and now every time I glance at my computer screen it looks like it has implants.Fortunately, fearless social network superstar Cindy Ronzoni kicked off her heels and waded into the grotto to fetch my specs, picking the frames up with her… Read on