China bound with The Amazing Race Canada

For the past ten years, my life has gone like this: be a freelance TV beat writer; see the world. The most spectacular trip so far may have been to China in May with the teams participating in The Amazing Race Canada. Thanks to Jim Quan and the folks at CTV PR, I was invited… Read on

Sun rises on Slotek’s new blog “Original Cin”

If you’ve been looking for posts here lately, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth — just traveled to the other side of it. I can’t say where yet, but it has to do with a TV show (‘natch). I’m in on this caper with the dude on the left: Jim Slotek. Jim… Read on

If you covered TV in Canada, you have an Alan Thicke story

It’s both an honor — and another indicator I’ve been doing this a long time — to find myself a go-to obit guy. This year, it seems, every day or two, another entertainer from my youth passes away. Bewitched‘s Dr. Bombay — Welsh actor Bernard Fox — was paged for good Wednesday at 89. That was a day… Read on

My week in Vietnam with The Amazing Race Canada

Now it can be told: I was in Vietnam in May with The Amazing Race Canada. I was fortunate to travel with CTV’s Jim Quan, my ol’ Sun shooter pal Mark O’Neill–the series’ in-house stills photographer–and my other ol’ Sun Ent pal Jim Slotek. We were flown to Taiwan on a 15-hour flight and then on… Read on

Front Page of the week (perhaps millennium)

You had to know folks were standing around a central editing desk when some smart aleck suggested this headline. Other papers would have gone shields up, but hats off to the Toronto Sun for beaming this one out there for the ages. Epic, but makes you wonder what got rejected! Read Jim Slotek’s terrific Sun… Read on

Booze flows at Toronto Sun, Boardwalk bashes

Calvin and Hobbled Occasionally I get tempted out of the Brampton bunker for the odd Toronto soiree. There were a couple this week:Do folks remember the Toronto Sun? Monday marked the 40th anniversary of the Little Paper that Grew until Quebecor shrunk it.Several alumni gathered at house bar Betty’s across the street from the grocery… Read on