CBC and Mansbridge win election with style and substance

The big loser in Monday’s Canadian federal election? Media companies who raked in record revenues over the course of that 78-day campaign. The tens of millions spent by the Conservatives on all those, “He’s just not ready” ads plus further tens of millions spent by the Liberals and the NDP, plus assorted special interest groups,… Read on

Watch the Fords, switch to Kevin Newman Live

Kevin Newman Just Kevin Newman’s luck! The veteran Canadian newsman is launching a bold, experimental news magazine tonight called Kevin Newman Live. Look for it weeknights at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT starting Monday on CTV News Channel.Trouble is, its launching the same night as another new news venture–Ford Nation, the zany antics of brothers… Read on

Catching up with Kevin Newman

Had lunch two weeks ago in Toronto with Kevin Newman, the Global National News anchor who walked away from his job last summer. I’ve always respected Newman’s integrity and judgement as a newsman. He takes his responsibility seriously and clings to a standard that is uncompromising. He struck me that way when he was the… Read on