Pawn Stars closes in on episodic TV record

Earlier this year I was down in Vegas with three friends I’ve known since high school. Normally, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but we’re all so old now the only hi-jinx we got up to was ordering the four egg special with extra pancakes from the Hash House a Go Go. After we… Read on

Vegas casinos place their bets on TV tie-ins

LAS VEGAS — Playing slots is a lot like watching television. Both require sitting on your ass and pushing buttons. So it’s no wonder TV show graphics are on many of the slot machines found in Las Vegas casinos. Even The Simpsons –noticeable by its absence in casino slots the last time I visited Vegas… Read on

VEGAS ROAD TRIP: hangin’ with Pawn Stars’ Rick & Chumlee

LAS VEGAS — What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — especially if it’s TV-related. On Tuesday, I swung by the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop featured on Pawn Stars, now in its 10 year on History Television. The series — seen in Canada on Corus’ History specialty channel — has taped over 500 episodes… Read on

Koker is back Counting Cars on History

Koker and Mack let Brioux know how many of them have cool cars Wanted: one Rat Fink ring.Last June when I was in Las Vegas, I asked Danny Koker, star of Counting Cars, if he had one of the bug-eyed rodent rings from the ’60s.“Wish I had–Bill, are you offering me one?” said Koker, whose… Read on

Father and son Pawn Stars take fame in stride

LAS VEGAS–In a few short years, Pawn Stars has become a multi-million dollar TV franchise. Sold around the world, translated into several languages, the simple little reality show continues to make history on History. Why has Pawn Stars connected? “There never really was quite a genre like this before us,” says Rick Harrison. “We’re sort… Read on

This week’s podcast: Pawn Stars rule Vegas

The Gold & Silver pawn shop featured on Pawn Stars LAS VEGAS–This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson tracks me down in Las Vegas, where I’m hangin’ with the dudes from Pawn Stars, American Restorations and Counting Cars. I’ve interviewed the Harrisons from Pawn Stars before, but it was fun and interesting meeting Rick Dale and getting… Read on

REVIEW: Michael Jackson ONE a thriller

LAS VEGAS–At the end of Monday night’s performance of Michael Jackson ONE, I tried to take off my 3-D glasses. Then I realized I wasn’t wearing any.The latest Cirque du Soleil stunner, which opened last week at Mandalay Bay on The Strip, is a non-stop Thriller. Jackson’s thick, familiar catalogue of pop standards gets a… Read on

This week’s podcast: more about those blonds

This week, CHML Talk Radio host Scott Thompson wanted to hear more about those three young blond women dressed in pink mini-dresses carrying the 6-foot inflatable penis around in Vegas. Scott has that kind of journalisticly inquisitive, investigative mind.As mentioned here previously, I was in Vegas covering an upcoming Travel + Escape channel series, the… Read on