Mosque, Sophie Down Year to Year

How did Little Mosque on the Prairie and Sophie do year-to-year? With last night’s season finale numbers in (as overnight estimates, at least), here is a quick comparison.All that cliffhanger wedding promotion paid off as Little Mosque enjoyed by far its biggest audience of the season, 830,000 2+ viewers (all numbers BBM Canada). Sophie has… Read on

Global Doesn’t Have a Prairie

Wednesdays CBC numbers: Little Mosque 776,000, new ABC Family pickup Sophie 545,000, fifth estate 671,000. CTV, of course, remains dominant: American Idol drew 2,682,000, The Moment of Truth, 1,478,000, CSI: New York 1,762,000. CSI: NY, in fact, does better in Canada than in the U.S., where it is down 30% year to year in the… Read on