Critics get a big bang out of their Evening with Chuck Lorre Productions

BURBANK, Calif.–Thursday night, critics took a trip over to Mr. Lorre’s neighbourhood. That would be on the Warner Bros. Studio lot, where sitcom King Chuck Lorre produces four CBS sitcoms: The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly and Mom. The sitcoms make, like, a bazillion dollars for the studio as… Read on

Saving Hope springs eternal at CTV

He’s alive! It’s alive! CTV orders a second season of Saving Hope Back last June when CTV launched Saving Hope, officials at the network insisted it could go it alone should broadcast partner NBC ditch the series.True to their word, CTV not only officially renewed Hope Friday, it boosted its second season order to 18… Read on

TONIGHT: Horror Story joins TV’s Top 5 scariest

It’s a happy Halloween for the folks at American Horror Story (starring Connie Britton, above). The kinky FX drama was renewed for a second season today.The series drew 3.1 million Live+3 U.S. viewers for last week’s fourth episode, its best performance to date. FX says American Horror Story is on track to becoming their highest-rated… Read on

SECOND MONDAY: Men still rule at CTV Two, Terra Nova sets record on City

Some overnight observations about the second Monday of the new season:Two and a Half Men is still kicking ass in two countries. Part Two of the super-hyped Ashton Kutcher opener drew 20.5 million viewers Monday night on CBS and another 2,140,000 over on CTV Two. CTV bounced it to its sister stations to make room… Read on