Shomi new originals? Look no further than Amazon

A day after the announcement of shomi’s demise, the service put out a release saying it recently topped 900,000 subscribers. SVP David Asch was quoted as saying that this “would likely make shomi a Top 10 service in North America.” Hey, I was one of them and if you were into Transparent, Mozart in the… Read on

Blurred Lines as Much morphs into Comedy 2.0

Robin Thicke looks on as Miley Cyrus destroys an entire inventory ofDisney Channel content at Sunday’s 2013 MTV Video Music Awards DID YOU SEE IT?? That shocking, shocking display Sunday night on MuchMusic’s broadcast of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards?? No, not Miley Cyrus in her undies. PUH-lease. I’m talking about the countless promotional… Read on