Two weeks ago in Cannes I had the pleasure of catching up with Lauren Lee Smith, star of the CBC historical drama Frankie Drake Mysteries.  She even sat for a breezy, two-and-a-half minute video chat (above). The Vancouver native was in the south of France to promote international sales of Frankie at MIPCOM. The CBC
Stiller (left) with moderator Cynthia Littleton. Photo: S. Champeaux - Image & Co CANNES -- It has been years since I last interviewed Ben Stiller -- 29 to be exact. That occasion was the TCA press launch of the short-lived, Emmy-winning The Ben Stiller Show. The sketch series aired from 1989 to 1990 on Fox
Oliver (left with moderator Michael Idato) sits before a photo from his early TV years. Photo: Yann Coatsaliou - 360 Medias CANNES — MIPCOM, the international television marketplace taking place this week in France, is a bit like a giant food court for TV. There's a lot of junk food, some of the fare is
Mr. Carton: his cardboard capers could be coming to a screen near you CANNES -- Forget all that stuff about Peak TV and the new "Golden Age." Every year at MIPCOM, the heap of content on display during the international TV market is staggering. As it says on an enormous poster on the side of one
Van Veen, standing, with Danker to his right, Wednesday at MIPCOM CANNES -- Want to get your series streamed before two billion subscribers? Now you can, thanks to Facebook. The social media giant was represented earlier this week at MIPCOM by two dudes without socks: Ricky Van Veen, head of Global Creative Strategy, and Daniel Danker,