This week’s podcast: more on me and the PM

Scott Thompson at CHML got a big kick out of me “hobnobbing” with the Prime Minister during that Murdoch Mysteries location shoot in Ottawa Wednesday. I report that Stephen Harper was very friendly, accommodating and gracious–he could play a winning social game on Survivor, I’m thinkin’.Scott wanted to know the details of the security check… Read on

Video: Murdoch Mysteries goes to Ottawa

What was Yannick Bisson and the cast and crew of Murdoch Mysteries doing in Ottawa this week–besides meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper? Bisson tells all to TV Feeds My Family in the above clip.

My capital day with Murdoch and Stephen Harper

There are times when I shake my head and say to myself, “I love my job.”Wednesday was one of those times. It all started after I was invited to Ottawa to watch the folks behind Murdoch Mysteries shoot a few scenes in front of the Parliament Buildings. Next thing I know, I’m being ushered into… Read on

CBC snaps up Murdoch Mysteries for 6th season

It’s so rare when things work out in such a common sense way in Canadian television that I’m not even sure this is real. Yet everyone I just interviewed for the hurry up CP story says its true–Murdoch Mysteries has been saved.The Canadian historical drama, readers here will recall, was set to be phased out… Read on

WTF: Murdoch Mysteries cancelled? Really??

Murdoch‘s Yannick Bisson: last call? You can tell when a show has the stink of doom on it. Everybody smiles too much. There is a lot of talk about how great the lighting is, or the crew, or the sets–even the craft services grub. I never had a better crew lunch than on my recent… Read on

Few more Miner details from Dawson City shoot

Back from my northern exposure to remarkable Dawson City, Yukon, where I was on location with the cats from Murdoch Mysteries. So much to process out from walking those muddy streets which seldom go dark this time of year. Check out my “up close and dirty view of Murdoch Mysteries” in the front page of… Read on