Blue Jays only home run in fall full of singles

UPDATED: The numbers posted by the victorious Toronto Blue Jays during the ALDS are incredible: an overnight, estimated 4.85 million viewers watched that unforgettable fifth and deciding game on Sportsnet Wednesday night, peaking at a staggering 8.1 million by the final out. That tally followed 4,377,000 viewers for Game 4 vs Texas on Thanksgiving Monday afternoon and… Read on

CBS stars have a world of fun with reporters

LL Cool J (left) and Chris O’Donnell mistake this Torontonian for Rob Ford BEVERLY HILLS, CA–“This an amazingly international group!”Ted Danson said it during his press conference Friday. The CSI star is one of dozens of actors and actresses meeting with reporters from all over the world at the Beverly Hilton this weekend.CBS’ International Press… Read on

The Brioux Report: 4 Mil+ say “I do” to Big Bang

Howard and Bernadette are over the moon You had to know a wedding finale on The Big Bang Theory was going to draw a crowd. The CBS sitcom zoomed back up over the four million mark to lead all shows in Canada this week, as it does most weeks. There were several season and even… Read on